Jeff LaSala

DEMONYM: New Yorker

Role— Anthology editor and co-author of "Graveduggery," "Geist Anthropic 1:4," "Geist Threnodic 2:4," "Geist Eidetic 3:4," and "Geist Intrinsic 4:4"


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Jeff has interacted with B-One Corporation's interview-simulacrum beta B-1X90 Synthia regarding his role in The Ghosts of Zero:

Listen to an audio sample from the soundtrack that accompanies Jeff's stories:

Past Achievements— Wrote two fantasy novels, including the Scribe Award-nominated* The Darkwood Mask; wrote numerous scattered short stories, a number of D&D Insider articles on, and an assemblage of RPG products; has a stint as a speculative fiction "citizen journalist" on; and was, like, an Eagle Scout and stuff.
*Yes, merely nominated—damn you, Elfslayer!

Future Achievements— Will write a series of novels known as the Savant Cycle and the saga that follows; will continue to collaborate with brother John LaSala on growing the setting; and will probably side with the animate dead in the inevitable zombie vs. robot apocalypse.

Back Story— The son of a military scientist, Jeff was geographically displaced numerous times and still managed to turn out psychologically stable. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Dungeons & Dragons® game, and an unaccountable number of fantasy and science fiction novels have fueled his life thus far, but it was only a matter of time when writing speculative fiction—not merely reading it—would become necessary to keep things going. Now he does this as often as life and circumstance allow. Jeff is married to a girl named Marisa, and is fond of calling her an Argentine mermaid, much to her embarrassment.

Final Notes— Jeff is very fond of the em dash—it's really an awesome and egregiously under-recognized punctuation mark—and continually wonders how he'd get by without it. He also has a crazy demon eye, courtesy of his brother John and a throwing dart.