Keith Baker

DEMONYM: Portlandish

Role— Author of "...And Weave the Spider's Web"


Keith Baker @ Very Us Artists

Past Achievements— Developed the Eberron® campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons; wrote six novels, one comic book, and piles of sourcebooks set in Eberron; developed the Origins Award-winning card game Gloom; wrote a mass of freelance RPG stuff; and worked for 12 years in the MMO business, with games that might actually be released including LEGO Universe (Q4 2010).

Future Achievements— Will manifest the new Eberron novel The Fading Dream in Q4 of 2010; will unveil a new board game; and will see to it that cold fusion is just around the corner.

Back Story— After crashing his experimental jet, Keith was given a glowing green word processor by a dying alien. While this didn't actually happen, Keith considers himself one of the luckiest people alive for reasons too numerous to mention. He loves storytelling in all forms and has explored the limits of different mediums throughout his career as a novelist, computer game designer, and freelance writer.

Final Notes— Keith prefers the ellipsis to the em dash... he uses it more than he probably should. If his eyes are different colors, it's to match his socks.