With the support of many, one future is realized.

Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero offers a supposal of that future. In the harsh light of day, it's a visceral, damaged place, where cracks in the landscape and in civilization itself are all too apparent. But in the dark of night, a cloak is drawn over each hemisphere. Up close, the overgrown cities appear glaring and artificial; from afar they are constellations of light and beauty. It's a world where life may have become more synthetic, but life endures. And in the shadows something stirs, watching civilization play out: the very zeitgeist of a mechanized world.

For more about how this project came to be and what it's all about, check out The Foreshadows Equation articles at Flames Rising, written expressly for this purpose!

The following people have helped us reach fruition, giving generously in our Kickstarter Campaign. We can't thank you enough.

Adam Wiebe
Ali Kilpatrick
Alli Nash
Angela and Keo Vossough
Antti Luukkonen
Bob Allbright
Cathy Hall
Charles Griffin
Cherie Freeman
Chip Wentz
Chris & Nidhi Rumore
Chris Nygren
Chris, Aidan, & Jalen Torgersen
Christiana Pironti
CJ & Adrian Pommier
Darren Sussman
David Wetzel
Deanna Matthews
Deborah Kopacz
Delia Uherec
Derek Hansell
Dick Buck
Edwin Morris
Eevi Korhonen
Elaine Brown
Elaine Cunningham
Elvis Podvorac

Eric Lambert
G Karl Groff
Gomez Fabulous
Graf Douglas
Jack Stoecklin
Jan Portman
Jane C. Hall
Jane Hildebrandt
Janet Martin
Janice Ahlstrom
Jeffrey S. Johnson
Jeremy LaMastus
Jeremy Zimmerman
John & Joyce LaSala
John Capurso
John Hanauer
Jon Budar-Danoff
Josephine Kilroy
Juli Sherry
Kay & Larry Crain
Kevin Wells
Lidia & Javier LoPrete
Linda Lauch
Linda Shoop
Lisa Wieland
Marshall Vaughan
Marsheila Rockwell
Michael Herd

Michele Stork
Mike O'Hara
Nanci & David Bean
Nathakit Sae-Tan
Noel MacDuffie
Pat Goertemiller
Patricia Hart
Pete & Grace Peterson
Pete Akins
Richie Procopio
Rob Portman
Robert Anderson
Robert Hutchinson
Ross Horsley
Sara Quinn
Sarah and Dan Collins
Scott Anderson
Sean Pecor of RPGenome.com
Stephan Khinoy
Stephanie Hickson
Stephen E. Martin
Steve Crovatto
Steve Simar
Suzanne Gerhold
Thomas Martin
Verne Johnson
William Bonkowski
Wym Portman