Ari Marmell

Brian W. Matthews

Christopher Dinkins

Don Bassingthwaite

Ed Greenwood

Jaleigh Johnson

Jeff LaSala – editor

Jeremy L.C. Jones

Joe Rixman

John LaSala

Keith Baker

Ken Hart

Mike Ferguson

Robert J. Randisi

Robert Velarde

Rosemary Jones

Ruth Lampi &
Jessica Van Oort


Ali Kilpatrick

Alternate Modes
of Underwater Consciousness

another cultural landslide

Bilian – co-producer

Colin Garvey

Dylan Leeds

Gene Pritsker

Jeremy Simmons

John LaSala – co-producer, 2nd editor

Joshua Wentz


Thee Crumb


Michael Komarck

Talon Dunning


01  Geist Anthropic 1:4
A former pyra-addict leaves all jobs behind to pursue the world’s most notorious cryptid.
written by Jeff LaSala, John LaSala, and Jeremy L.C. Jones
music by Michelangelo and Dylan Leeds

02  Too Much Is Never Enough
Rebuilt by the company that gunned him down, a fighter must decide whose interests he will serve.
written by Don Bassingthwaite
music and lyrics by Bilian
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03  Cenotaph, or We've Been Reduced To Lo-Fi
A young woman tries to escape her past. All of them.
written by Mike Ferguson
music and lyrics by Alternate Modes of Underwater Consciousness and Colin Garvey, plus remix production by Dylan Leeds

04  Graveduggery
A singular Old World family strives to overcome humanity’s oldest enemy.
written by Brian W. Matthews and Jeff LaSala
music by Michelangelo

05  Love Simulacra
For a private investigator and his AI assistant, even loyalty can be compromised.
written by Joe Rixman
music by Bilian
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06  Cold As The Gun
In Orleans City, some things need to be done the old-fashioned way.
written by Robert J. Randisi
music and lyrics by Joshua Wentz
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07  ...And Weave The Spider's Web
There are worse things than malware in the Worldnet.
written by Keith Baker
music and lyrics by Joshua Wentz

08  Geist Threnodic 2:4
A creature of destructive reputation is hunted by its sworn enemy.
written by Jeff LaSala and John LaSala
music by Dylan Leeds and Ali Kilpatrick

09  Best Served Flash-Frozen
Everything you should have always feared—only smaller.
written by Ed Greenwood
music by Michelangelo plus Thee Crumb

10  Geist Eidetic 3:4
A thief-of-all-trades faces down an old addiction to ensnare his most elusive quarry.
written by Jeff LaSala and John LaSala
music by Dylan Leeds plus Alternate Modes of Underwater Consciousness, Thee Crumb, and Ali Kilpatrick

11  All The Good Things You Are
In the war-torn Rockies, an object of great value is guarded by an eccentric overlord.
written by Robert Velarde
music and lyrics by Bilian

12  Twenty-One-Oh
Time is running out for a first-rate courier of precious cargo.
written by Ari Marmell
music by Michelangelo

13  Made In Brazil | Living In Japan
An artist and a detective take a plunge into the heart of a holy mountain.
written by Jaleigh Johnson
music by Gene Pritsker and Bilian
Read the prequel to this story in Webshadows.

14  Crossed Swords
The ancient past may hold the key to the world’s salvation—or one man’s oblivion.
written by Ken Hart
music by Michelangelo

15  Geist Intrinsic 4:4
The hunter and the hunted go head-to-head beneath the grave.
written by Jeff LaSala and John LaSala
music by Dylan Leeds plus remix production by Bilian

16  Anodyne Fading: The Wolf Without
Lycanthropy is no longer the stuff of legend.
written by Christopher Dinkins
music by Thee Crumb plus Michelangelo and another cultural landslide

17  Lament
A cold-hearted killer faces the unkillable.
written by Brian W. Matthews
music and lyrics by another cultural landslide

18  Deep In The Deep: Reaction-Diffusion Dies Tonight
A young librarian must find a savior before the ice melts.
written by Rosemary Jones
music by Jeremy Simmons

19  Unto The Interface
Potent technology lies hidden in the unlikeliest of places.
written by Ruth Lampi and Jessica Van Oort
music by Ali Kilpatrick
Hear this entire piece at Alonetone.

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