Joshua Wentz

DEMONYM: Chicagoan

Role— First Edition album/anthology designer and publisher, and composer of "...And Weave the Spider's Web" and "Cold as the Gun" (with vocals by Jes).


Joshua Wentz @ Very Us Artists

Hear what Joshua had to say to interview-simulacrum beta B-1X90 Synthia:

Past Achievements—Founded Sidedown, a decidedly random design agency in 2002; in 2008, created an audio label under the same name that caters to solo home-recording artists and creates limited edition physical products; published three collaborative monographs and an ongoing quarterly serial called HEY; and in 2009, joined the band Absinthe & The Dirty Floors, whose first EP, Side 1, was released in March 2010.

Future Achievements—Undecided.